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LAV 700

The General Dynamics Land Systems LAV 700 provides a next-generation wheeled combat capability, based on combat-proven technology from a company with proven performance and expertise in systems integration.

LAV 700 Information
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LAV 6.0

The LAV 6.0 further enhances the combat-proven LAV III. With an inherent Double-VTM hull and energy attenuated seats, the LAV 6.0 provides world-class protection.The vehicle also features an upgraded driveline, suspension, larger tires, and a more powerful engine to deliver significantly increased payload and superior mobility performance.

LAV 6.0 Information
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• Strategic, operational and tactical mobility
• Ballistic, chemical and optical protection (active and passive)
• Capacity to transport and support an infantry section
• Effective firepower to defeat soft and armored targets
• Supportability and affordability
• Battlefield survivability to carry out combat missions
• Growth potential for future combat systems

LAV III Information
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• Mobility and protection for reconnaissance of the enemy and terrain
• Tactical mobility for effective use of firepower
• Firepower to defeat soft armored targets
• Battlefield survivability to carry out combat missions
• Supportability and affordability

LAV II Information
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